Bakersfield Event

The Tenth Annual Bakersfield Central Valley Chemical Safety Day

Footage from our 2014 Event

Our next Event will be held on February 15th, 2018
The theme for this event will be COMING SOON
at the RaboBank Arena
1001 Truxtun Ave
Bakersfield, CA 93301
7:00am to 4:00pm

Morning Talks: 8:00am – 11:45am
Health & Physiology of Hazardous Chemicals – Peter Thomas, Recourse Compliance What happens when ammonia, chlorine and other common chemicals come into contact with the human body. How to prevent exposure and treat when necessary.

Explosive Awareness – Sheldon Fung, FBI Chemicals and why it’s important to keep your facility secure and ensure they don’t fall into the wrong hands and end up becoming explosives.

EPA Updates – Bill Jones, Cal EPA EPA’s proposed changes to RMP and Emergency Response Program and how it will affect your facility.

Workshops: 10:10am – 11:45am
Track A – Management
DHS – CFATS – Paul Fields, Department of Homeland Security Chemical security is a shared responsibility amongst government and private stakeholders. Learn more about chemical security regulations and the resources available to help keep your chemicals secure.

Seismic Assessment – Sam Swan, P. E. Earthquake Risk and levels of shaking intensity. Discussion of threat to facilities, common failure points during an event and possible mitigation options.

Track B – Operators Classroom
Ammonia Refrigeration Lubrication – Rick Chabot, Isel Inc. Facts and myths about the many interactions between different kinds of lubrication and the active chemicals in a refrigeration process.

Vibration Analysis – Kevin Koster, APCCO This process is used to determine where a given piece of equipment is in its lifespan and how long before it will need maintenance or replacement.

Track C – Operators Hand’s On
Various “hands-on” activities will take place building upon previous lessons offered during our safety days. Oil draining, valve servicing and adjustment, replacement of pressure relief valves, electrical circuit building along with some new hands-on modules that have been developed since the last event.

Track D – Operators the Spanish Speaker
Preventing Accidents – Rick Casas, PSIG & Lucy Valdovinos, Ratto Bros. System Operations & Maintenance, Routine Inspections & Worker Protection.

Prevencion de Accidentes – Rick Casas, PSIG & Lucy Valdovinos, Ratto Bros. Sistemas de Operacion y Mantenimoiento, Inspecciones de Rutinay Proteccion del Trabajador

Lunch – 11:45am – 12:40pm

Afternoon Sessions: 12:45pm – 3:35pm
Active Shooter Training – Speaker TBD
Active shooter situations are often over within 10 to 15 minutes, before law enforcement arrives on the scene, individuals must be prepared both mentally and physically to deal with an active shooter situation.

What We Learned Yestersay – Gary Smith, ASTI & Select Participants
A recap of the live ammonia release training and demonstration that took place on Wednesday will be presented. Key roles in the incident response will be described and discussed, to allow attendees to better understand the relationship between industry, fire and regulatory response when an incident takes place.

FINAL RAFFLE and Grand Prize – Certificates will be handed out in exchange for evaluation forms as you exit the venue at the end of the day.

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