To register for the Central Valley Chemical Safety Day, complete the registration form below. It is not necessary to send a separate registration for each of your attendees; simply list all the names of additional employees who will be attending. Any registration sent prior to 5 pm on the Friday before the event will be processed. For those who miss the dead line or who wish to register on site may do so. However, we will not be able to guarantee handout materials or food for those who register after our published closing deadline.

Please assist us in planning our break out sessions by selecting a track for each person you are registering. Simply place the corresponding sessions’ letter next to their name. We have room size restrictions and want to best accommodate everyone’s needs, by putting the right session in the right sized room.

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Our confirmation process is NOT automated, allow 2-3 days for confirmation. If you do not receive a confirmation after that time, feel free to contact us as needed.

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